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30 januari 2016

Danielle heeft me hoofdstuk 4 en 5 teruggestuurd en de Black Widow is klaar!



Amazon & Goodreads recensies m.b.t. The Lost Planet

The Lost Planet - Written by Cynthia Fridsma

It’s July 4, 2094. Major Tony Norman wakes up next to the lovely Jessica—a sexy security officer from Logan Airport. Tony doesn’t know it yet, but needing an oxygen mask just to walk outside is the least of his worries when an alien fleet encounter space station Peacekeeper at Saturn. The high council orders him to find a way to communicate with the aliens. But when they destroy Peacekeeper, Tony fears the only language the aliens know is war!

Meanwhile, the alien supreme commander, Ilg, is obsessed with dinosaurs and pet humans. But when Ilg finds out about the nuclear threat humans pose to the alien empire Ilg represents, he knows he has to take drastic measures to eliminate the threat.

Will the world fall apart in this deadly game of chess between the aliens and humans, with Tony and his new girlfriend, Jessica, stuck in between? Why is Supreme Commander Ilg so obsessed with dinosaurs?

**** (4 stars)

The Lost Planet is a quirky, entertaining story. Set in the not-too-distant future, the world is covered over in a fog of pollution, space travel has extended beyond the moon, and alien encounters have begun. The aliens in this story are walking, talking DINOSAURS, who often keep humans as 'pets'. Interestingly enough, the human and alien DNA is compatible, giving way to half-breeds. Though technologically advanced, the aliens are eager to learn more about earth, its history, and humanity.

During the space drama, the political state of earth is becomes strained, as the reliability of the Alliance comes under question.

I found this to be a fun, off-the-beaten-path story, and would recommend it to lovers of space opera.


***** (5 stars)

If you like alien sci-fi books you will enjoy this one. It begins with captain amanda and her team in their three week trip from earth to saturn. When they arrive to saturn they notice that the peacekeeper station is missing.

The story then tells what happened at station peacekeeper. They were captured by what looked like dinosaurs. Alien lizard like creatures. They were smart and can talk. They destroyed station peacekeeper. Told the humans they captured they are also going to take over earth because humans are destroying it.

I wont give away any more of the story thou. You will have to read it to find out what happens next.


*** (3 stars)

It's the year 2094, the Earth is divided into two camps, the Alliance and Federation. Humanity has started to colonize Mars, and has a space station near Jupiter called Peacekeeper. When an alien fleet enters our solar system, they destroy the station.

Back on Earth, Tony Norman, a major with the Federation is tasked to communicate with the aliens, to see if they can be reasoned with. It soon becomes clear that these aliens look a lot like dinosaurs, and they have a reason for coming to Earth. Now the Federation not only faces a war with the Alliance, but another fight with aliens, who seem to possess technology far beyond our own developments.

The premise of the story is a war on two fronts, which causes the story to enter a roller-coaster ride kind of feel. A very "Hollywood"-style script, with all the right ingredients. I liked most of the story, but sadly, I couldn't help but feel that it was a bit too much sometimes. For instance, the Alliance threatens to attack the Federation, the aliens seem intent on destroying all life on Earth, but to top it off, all robots become self aware. Then there's also the fact that some of the things in the story just don't serve much of a purpose. Perhaps if those things would have been a bit more fleshed out, they would have fit into the story better. Now it just feels as if Fridsma added all these things because then at least she'd covered all science-fiction subjects.

I really liked the main storyline and the "dinosaur" characters. Their culture, and Empire was well developed in the story. Ilg, the alien commander was a nice character, who showed a lot of character development. He was torn between both worlds, which made him interesting. And the big question remained whether or not he should fulfil his mission he was being tasked with.

Overall I'm giving this book a solid 3-star review. I would have gone higher, but there's just a tad too much going on in the book for my personal taste. I would have appreciated a little more focus.